How to Get Rid of a Diaper Rash in 24 Hours

how to get rid of a diaper rash in 24 hours

Dealing with a fussy and crying baby is just a rite of passage in parenthood. But when your baby is extra irritable and seems to be acting out of character, it’s usually an indicator that something is wrong. When this is the case, your biggest concern is to quickly find the culprit causing their distress, which sometimes can be a diaper rash. Knowing how to get rid of a diaper rash fast in 24 hours and when to seek medical help can be critical.

Any kind of rash can be itchy and painful, much less a rash on your bottom— the thing you sit on all day. So whether your child is fussy during diaper changes because it is painful or if their demeanor changes entirely because they are uncomfortable all day, we know your desire as a parent is to find a quick solution.

Continue reading to learn a bit more about what causes a diaper rash and the steps you can take to alleviate your baby’s pain and suffering. These at-home remedies will get them back to being their smiley, adorable self in no time.

What Causes a Diaper Rash?

A diaper rash is a skin condition that occurs when moisture or wetness gets trapped against the skin for prolonged periods of time. These rashes are common for those who wear a diaper. They primarily affect babies, but toddlers in diapers can also suffer from diaper rashes if their diaper stays wet or soiled for an extended time or if your child has sensitive skin.

Ways to Get Rid of a Diaper Rash Fast

Seeing a painful rash on your child can be highly concerning to you as a parent, especially when they are in pain, but there are several steps you can take at home to relieve their symptoms and heal the rash.

Use Water

One of the biggest irritants to a diaper rash is using baby wipes. Though, of course, you must thoroughly clean a soiled baby bottom, wipes contain chemicals that may burn or irritate the rash further, even if you select a sensitive skin or fragrance-free brand. Because of this, the best way to clean a diaper rash is with clean, warm water.

Cleaning with water can be accomplished by holding your baby’s hind end under running water in the sink or bathtub and gently cleaning by dabbing the area with a cloth or cotton pad. Just as you would not wipe and rub a wound, you should not wipe or rub a rash. You should treat it as a wound because it essentially is one.

Air Dry

The fastest way to clear a diaper rash is to give the affected area as much time possible in the open dry air. For a baby in diapers, this may be a task, but leaving your baby diaper-free for as long as you can will help to dry and heal the area quickly.

To avoid a mess, you can loosely wrap your child in a soft towel or give your baby’s skin room to breathe by doing extended tummy time while diaper-free.

Apply Ointment

Locking in moisture causes diaper rash, therefore using any type of ointment or cream may seem counterintuitive. Using a carefully selected diaper rash cream, though, can provide a protective barrier between a painfully raw area of sensitive skin and a diaper from rubbing further or from urine that may cause more rash and infection.

It is best to select an ointment that is natural and free from harsh chemicals and toxins. The most suitable creams include zinc oxide, aloe, or lanolin. In some cases, your child’s in-person or online pediatrician can offer other treatments if they determine a fungal infection to be the cause.

Change Diaper Material

There are hundreds of diaper brands and materials available on the market. If your child has persistent diaper rashes, it may be time to consider that a particular diaper brand or material is causing an allergic reaction.

In this case, you should look carefully at the ingredients in the brand you use and select a new one that is more organic, or perhaps even cloth diapers. Changing up the material that sits against your baby’s skin all day may make a significant impact on the frequency and severity of diaper rash.

Medical Advice for Diaper Rashes

If your child experiences frequent diaper rashes that are recurring or and you have already tried all the at-home remedies mentioned above, it is best to seek a pediatrician. Your child’s doctor can determine whether the rash is more severe or could lead to a yeast infection or bacterial infection.

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