Online Pink Eye and Eye Irritation
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With Telemedicine, your children can get urgent care help from anywhere.

When you see your child with swollen, puffy, red eyes, most parents think one thought: “Pink Eye.” And in most cases, they are correct. Pink eye is very common in children, especially in those who attend school or daycare.


Our virtual pediatricians can see your child when symptoms strike and provide treatment, so their eyes go back to normal. Although pink eye is not considered not serious, a more permanent culprit could be the cause, which our specialists can spot. Your kid that way can avoid potential eye complications or permanent eye conditions, and you can relax.

In both critical and normal pink eye cases, your kids can get unlimited access to our board-certified pediatricians for only $24.95 per month.

What causes pink eye?

Pink eye, known by pediatricians as conjunctivitis, occurs when an irritant enters the eye and produces inflammation. You can discover what kind of pink eye your child is experiencing by looking at the specific antagonistic agent (allergic, infectious, chemical) and getting down to the particular cause. Then, an in-person or virtual pediatrician can offer the right treatment.

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Allergic Conjunctivitis

This type of pink eye occurs when allergens such as pollen, dust, or pet dander enter the eye and cause an allergic reaction. Allergic pink eye presents very similarly to other types of pink eye but will not spread to others. It is often seasonal and you can prevent it if you know the cause.

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Infectious Conjunctivitis

Viral conjunctivitis (or bacterial conjunctivitis) are the most common types of pink eye you kids can come down with. These both occur when bacteria or other germs enter the eye through person-to-person contact or in conjunction with other viral and bacterial infections, such as a common cold, respiratory infection, or sore throat. These types of eye infections require antibiotics to clear the condition.

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Chemical Conjunctivitis

This type of infection occurs when toxins enter the eye, such as smoke, fumes, chlorine, dangerous chemicals, or chemicals from medications. This condition is caused by external factors or an accident and will often resolve on its own with time when flushed with clean water or saline.

What are the symptoms of pink-eye?

Redness inside eyes

Inflamed eyelids

Itching or burning

Itching or burning

Watery discharge

Green, yellow, or crusty discharge

Blurred vision

Pink Eye Infection in Children

Is pink-eye contagious?

Depending on the cause of your child’s pink eye, it can be very contagious.Allergic or chemically-caused pink eye will not spread from person to person, but others can catch bacterial pink eye if not treated and contained.


In most cases, pink eye will appear in one eye first and will quickly spread to both eyes when your child rubs or scratches the area around their infected eye.


To prevent pink-eye from becoming a bigger issue for your child, it is vital to:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently
  • Clean your hands with soap before handling contact lenses
  • Refrain from touching infected eyes
Pink Eye Infection in Children

What are other causes of eye irritations?

Pink eye is not the only source of possible eye irritation. When a foreign object enters the eye, such as sand, dirt, or even an eyelash, it can become trapped, causing irritation and swelling.


If your child suffers from this occurrence, it is crucial to see a doctor. Any kind of scratches or internal eye friction can turn into permanent ocular damage if a pediatrician does not properly flush out their eyes.

Online Appointments for Pink Eye and Eye Irritations

As a parent, it is sometimes difficult to know if your child’s symptoms require treatment from a physician or if you are capable of caring and treating them at home. We take away that anxiety by providing board-certified kid doctors, who can diagnose your child’s pink eye cause. They look at your kid’s symptoms for $0 visit costs and offer treatment to help them get better.


Our Telemedicine platform allows you to log on with our pediatricians from anywhere, even at home, so your child can shut their pink eyes and sleep. We care about your kids as though they were our own and offer on-demand urgent care appointments so they can recover quicker. Plus, you do not have to take off work and they can jump back into school sooner.


When it comes to your child’s vision and health, don’t hesitate.