Telehealth Fever Treatments for Your Kids

We treat children with online visits from anywhere.

Like many other parents, you understand what it is like to wake up in the morning with a feverish child. They tug on your leg, complaining about feeling warm, and you can sense their body temperature radiate like waves. However, you may not be sure it is a fever or are a new parent that wants to be cautious with their baby or toddler.


No matter your child’s age, a board-certified pediatrician can help diagnose their condition using new Telemedicine technology. They can observe your kid for signs and symptoms, request previous medical history, and provide treatment to get them better in no time.

What is a fever?

Fevers are conditions in children where their body temperature exceeds ​​100.4°F (38°C). Although many people consider fevers an illness, it is actually a condition that points to a separate illness that the body is fighting.


When your child is sick with a fever, their tiny bodies use physical processes to rid themselves of extra heat. The human body naturally balances its internal temperature with the same methods such as:

  • More or less sweating
  • Blood rises or moves away from the skin surface
  • Water in their body stays or leaves

What are symptoms my
kid has a fever?

You can quickly suspect your child has a fever when you lay your hand on their forehead, and it feels hot. However, there are other signs you can look for to identify the condition better so you can help your child get well.

  • Their body temperature reads 100.4°F (38°C) or greater on the thermometer
  • They want to bundle up or strip down
  • Your child is more thirsty and moody
  • They are less active and hungry

What to do if I think my child has a fever?

If you believe your child has a fever, there are home remedies you can try to lower their symptoms. These
often work for children without severe fevers and get them playing again soon.


Give your child fever reducers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen (follow the bottle for specific instructions)


Have your child drink lots of water and liquids


Lower their room’s temperature and dress them in less clothing


Start a lukewarm sponge bath (do not continue if they begin to shiver)

However, if your child’s symptoms do not improve after 2-3 days or worsen, you need to schedule them with a virtual pediatrician. It is also wise to see a kids’ doctor if you are unsure whether your child has a fever or not.

How can Pediatric Telemedicine treat my feverish child_
How can Pediatric Telemedicine treat my feverish child_

How can Pediatric Telemedicine treat my feverish child?

After you schedule your child’s on-demand urgent care appointment, you can connect with a pediatrician from anywhere. They will ask you about symptoms, medical history, and current medications your child takes. Board-certified pediatricians have expertise to diagnose fevers and other conditions your kid may be experiencing.


Treatment from Telemedicine doctors depends upon their expert opinion of your child’s fever severity. Home remedies they recommend may be enough to help your child recover from sickness. However, they may refer them to a specialist for further examination in some situations.

We Specialize in Pediatric Fever Treatments

Our board-certified pediatricians have expertise in helping kids get better with treatments personalized to their symptoms. With only a camera device and internet access, your children can obtain treatments from anywhere. We believe your child deserves the chance to obtain wellness with $0 appointments convenient to you.