Pediatric Telemedicine Ear Ache Treatments

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What are ear aches?

Simply put, ear aches are when your child experiences pain in one or both of their ears that does not disappear overnight. Children deal with the condition often, especially those under the age of 5, after colds and other upper respiratory infections.


Three occurrences cause ear aches in your child’s ear: fluid builds up behind the eardrum, or infection begins in the middle part of the ear or ear canal. You may have heard of swimmer’s ear, which is a well-known ear canal infection parents see in their children after they’ve swum for a long time.

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What are the symptoms my child has an ear ache?

You can look for external signs in your child to help determine whether they have an ear ache. This is extremely useful if you have a toddler or young child that does not understand how to communicate these symptoms to you so a pediatrician can treat them. Examine your child for one or multiple signs listed below:

  • Ear pain, primarily when lying down, sucking, or chewing
  • Outer ear swelling or redness
  • Rubbing or pulling the ears
  • Ear leakage
  • Trouble hearing
  • Ear popping and fullness feeling
  • Fussiness
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Fever

What to do when my child gets an ear ache?

If you have identified ear ache symptoms in your child and believe they have the condition, there are
measures you can take to ease their pain now and get them treated soon:

Let your child

Let your child take acetaminophen or ibuprofen as needed to ease their physical pain (check the bottle’s instructions for the dosage amount and how often they can take it)


Ask your child to lay on the ground with their head elevated to help alleviate the pain

Place a warm (2)

Place a warm press or cloth over your child’s ear for 20 minutes

Schedule your

Schedule your child with a board-certified pediatrician

When should I get my child immediate
Telemedicine attention?

Unlike the usual ear ache symptoms listed above, you must take your child to a board-certified
pediatrician as soon as possible if you see these more severe signs appear:

Your child seems ill while on antibiotics

Your child has trouble taking liquids

The ear drains pus-like fluid or blood

The ear pain worsens

There is swelling and redness behind the ear

The ear begins to stick out of the side of the head

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How does Pediatric Telehealth treat my child’s ear ache?

When you make an on-demand appointment with our online pediatricians, an expert will connect with you, who will assess your child’s symptoms. They will ask questions about the signs you have seen and their duration while looking at your child’s medical history.


As our virtual pediatrician makes their diagnosis, they will discern whether the condition is bacterial, viral, or something else. Depending upon the severity of the ear ache, they will provide the appropriate medical advice.

We Love to See Your Child’s Ear Aches Treated

As pediatricians, we hurt when your children hurt and understand the pain it causes you to see your kids with an ear ache. We use our medical expertise and Telemedicine technology to see your child sooner than later with $0 on-demand virtual appointments. Our team genuinely cares about your family’s wellbeing and celebrates when your child gets better.