Unlimited Virtual Pediatric Services

You no longer have to worry about COVID-19 restrictions, long emergency room trips, or work days off when you utilize our unlimited access virtual pediatric services.

We give your kids access to top-of-the-line pediatric care from our board-certified doctors with $0 per visit costs. You only need an internet connection, whether a phone, tablet, or computer, to gain unlimited appointments. Our team will give you on-demand access to the best virtual urgent care.

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What are Telepeds' Virtual Pediatric Services?

Telepeds' Virtual pediatric services refer to online pediatric health care programs. They provide primary care and urgent care through virtual visits. You can schedule an appointment for an online visit with a virtual pediatrician or online doctor to address your child’s symptoms.


These programs are known as Pediatric Telemedicine and Telehealth, which are government-approved healthcare programs that allow pediatricians to diagnose and treat kids digitally. Regardless of your location, your kids receive unlimited access to urgent care from a board-certified pediatrician.


If there is a pressing medical emergency, please call 911 instead of virtual pediatric services

Doctor Pediatric Services

What You Can Expect From
Our Online Pediatricians

What You Can Expect From Our Online Pediatricians

With a $0 appointment, you can get a certified pediatrician to provide you guidance on how to diagnose your child's medical needs. Even if you are away at work, our experienced online doctors can work with you to identify the issue and provide treatments to a broad range of conditions.

Our team will take your child’s medical history and may request images of the condition before the appointment. While social distancing limits social interaction and the movement of people, we provide your family with on-demand virtual pediatric consultations.

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We are passionate about reaching into schools and rural communities to provide urgent care to children. Our virtual pediatricians partner with local school systems that don't have nurses so their kids can get seen by board-certified pediatricians.

Your child’s healthcare matters. We believe every family, no matter their ethnicity or location, should have equal access. Our caring pediatricians make it their mission to treat children where regular urgent care is unavailable.

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When the only medical facility you can turn to is a rural or critical-access hospital, rest assured that our board-certified pediatricians are available to step in. You should not have to place your trust in ill-trained doctors without pediatric specialty when your child is sick.

Our hospitalist program provides virtual appointments while your child is in the hospital. We see your kids online whether they are in the emergency room or in-patient units 24/7 to ensure they get well.

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We Serve Your Kids Virtually

Our team believes that our Pediatric Telemedicine services offer you the opportunity to avoid in-office appointments with enormous visit costs. If you can hardly spare the time for a car trip to the hospital, being able to request an appointment online is a huge relief.


Telepeds' virtual pediatric services are excellent medical programs that transcend the pandemic and gain wider acceptance by the day. It is a cost-friendly way for your children to see a board-certified pediatrician anywhere.

Advantages of Our Virtual Pediatric Services

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We Have the Support of United States Health Authorities

Although Telepeds' virtual pediatric services is an emerging urgent care option, reputable national organizations and health authorities have recognized and supported them. The Center for Medicaid Services, in a recent report, discussed how telehealth is a resourceful alternative to hospital visits, especially during the rise of COVID-19 and the uncertainties of in-person social interactions.


Other groups include the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychological Association, American Occupational Therapy Association, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and American Physical Therapy Association.

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Get a Board-Certified Pediatrician for Free When Your Child Needs Them

The future of pediatric urgent care is on-demand doctor's appointments for your child anywhere. Our virtual pediatric services provide $0 per visit costs, so you don't have to stress about your child's health.

We genuinely care about your kids though they were our own, and are here to support them whenever symptoms appear.