After Hours Pediatric Visits

Get your child $0 urgent care visits on weeknights and weekends via Telemedicine. Our board-certified pediatricians never rest until your child is well.

After Hours Pediatric

Don’t Choose Between ER & Urgent Care

If you’re in a rural area, you understand the struggle of driving hundreds of miles to get your child pediatric care. Not to mention the wait times and paying nearly $1,000 if you don’t have insurance. You can feel stuck choosing between letting your child suffer or destroying family finances with emergency room visits.
Our caring doctors ease your decision by seeing your child online from the comfort of home. Simply pick up a device with a camera and internet to see board-certified pediatricians when it’s convenient for you.

Make an Appointment When Your Child Needs It

Unlike other after hours pediatrics, you can make an appointment in the middle of the night when your child wakes up vomiting. Or you can consult with a pediatrician after work when most are off the clock.
We give 24/7 access to convenient Telemedicine visits 7 days/week. You can always trust we’ll have an appointment time that fits your schedule and saves time.




Make an Appointment When Your Child Needs It

$0 Visit Costs with No Insurance Required

No insurance? No problem! We provide after hours care for all your kids, whether they have insurance or not. With $0 visit costs under the affordable monthly plan, you can care for all your kiddos when they need it the most.
We also take Medicaid and other insurance to cover your entire visit fee for illness or injury. Our caring pediatricians never turn away a child due to a lack of insurance or for any other reason.

We treat a variety of infant to adolescent health conditions

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If required, we can gladly refer you to a specialist or children’s hospital for your child

After Hour FAQs

We’re open from 7am to 10 pm every day of the week, including weekends. After creating a free account, you can select the visit time that’s convenient for you. Our pediatricians look forward to meeting you!

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With Telepeds, it’s as easy as creating a free account and selecting a plan. Then, you’ll have dozens of appointments to choose from any day of the week. We’re available and ready to treat your child when they need it the most.