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Get 24/7 access to schedule urgent care visits.

Make same-day appointments or after hours without depending on a doctor’s office. Don’t wait for a pediatrician or urgent care while your child suffers.

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    Connecting You with Local New Mexico Pediatricians

    Our local, online pediatricians can see your child from anywhere via Telemedicine and take all major New Mexico carriers. You can also sign-up for our monthly subscription if you don’t have insurance and have $0 visit costs whenever your child has symptoms.

    We Treat Whatever Symptoms Your Child Has

    If your child is experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.

    How Does Telepeds Work?

    Don’t worry if you’ve never used Telemedicine before! We have three easy steps for your child to get connected with a board-certified pediatrician. Then, they can obtain the proper treatment for their condition faster than a traditional office or urgent care.

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    You have 24/7 access to schedule an urgent care visit whenever your child is sick. Tell our New Mexico pediatricians what symptoms they have and send us pictures when you set the date. They will help us see what’s going on and diagnose their condition.

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    Set an Appointment

    Jump into your on-demand visit using any device with internet access and a camera. You and your child can video call our board-certified pediatricians from anywhere, even from your living room! We will evaluate your child online and diagnose their condition.

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    Get Treatment

    Our virtual kid doctors will look at your child’s medical history and the information you sent us to determine the treatment they need. You can rest easy as your child recovers from sickness and gets back to their usual self again! We will keep in touch to make sure they stay well and answer any questions you have.

    Never Worry About Your Kiddo’s Appointment Again!

    • $0 Per Visit Costs
    • Schedule Anytime
    • Spanish Translators Available
    • Skip the Waiting Room
    • Save on Car Trips
    • Board-Certified

    On-Demand Visits When It’s Convenient for You

    With our 24/7 access to schedule urgent care appointments, we make getting a pediatric visit easy. Your child shouldn’t have to suffer just because an in-person office is closed. You and your child deserve the best New Mexico pediatricians with Telemedicine.

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    Dedicated access to a pediatrician for all the kids in your household with our monthly membership. Cancel at anytime.


    Have Medicaid or Insurance? We can still help without the membership fee.

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