Everything You Need to Know About Pediatric Telemedicine

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As a rule, illness never strikes at a convenient time. And as a full-time working parent, there is never a good time, especially if you live in a rural area. Giving your children the care and attention they need while working full-time is a juggling act. When everyone is healthy, add in a sudden or chronic sickness, and your situation may feel impossible, until now.

With the introduction of Pediatric Telemedicine, ensuring that your children receive the proper care they need is only a virtual visit away. The requirements of taking time off work and driving miles for an in-person visit are no longer necessary for common illnesses and conditions. When you take advantage of virtual care, your workday and your child’s education and comfort are no longer interrupted any more than is necessary. 

But how can you be sure that your child will receive the proper medical care through a Pediatric Telemedicine visit rather than an in-person doctor? Below we have answered some questions to clarify telemedicine services and dissuade your concerns. We believe your child deserves on-demand access to urgent care, and you deserve treatment options that are convenient for your schedule.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a tool pediatricians use to assess and care for children through video visits. All that these video chats require is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. 

In a virtual visit, a doctor can use voice, video, and written communication to assess health care needs and provide medical advice and prescriptions as necessary. These calls are short-scheduled visits where you can discuss all your child’s urgent care concerns and receive treatment for typical conditions that do not require hands-on assessments. Parents often utilize Telehealth visits for pressing urgent care symptoms when they least expect them.

What are the Benefits of Pediatric Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is an excellent option available for families who live in locations where it is difficult to access in-person care for children. It is also an urgent care solution outside of office hours when most pediatric offices are not open or when a middle-of-the-night drive is not a realistic option. Telehealth visits also help eliminate the level of exposure to illness you and your child may experience when visiting a doctor. 

How Pediatric Telemedicine Visits Differ from In-Person Visits

Pediatric medical care does not differ significantly from adult care when it comes to assessments and treatment. Still, board-certified pediatric doctors assess conditions that affect children and relate to younger patients. Pediatric doctors are often more patient and child-friendly than doctors who are used to working with adult patients. 

Children younger than the age of ten often experience nervousness when visiting a doctor in an office. This concern is one area where pediatric telemedicine visits can be more beneficial than in-person visits because the doctor may be able to observe your child in a more comfortable environment. 

When your child or young adult is in a familiar environment, they may be more comfortable sharing information about their condition and how they feel, giving the doctor a more accurate view of their health and a better understanding of the treatment they need.

What Types of Conditions can Telemedicine Treat?

Telemedicine visits are available for any condition that does not require hands-on care. These conditions include immediate symptoms like skin rashes, asthma, allergies, pink eye, cold, cough, and urinary tract infections. Also, for some Pediatric Telemedicine companies, you can schedule a medication prescription/refill appointment for mental illnesses and other specialty conditions.

Parents can take their child’s necessary vitals such as temperature and blood pressure through easy-to-operate medical equipment. Doctors also can assess other vitals by different means like a visual conversation with the patient. 

For children hospitalized often due to severe conditions such as congenital heart disease, breathing treatments, epilepsy, and the like, telemedicine visits may be an alternative option for routine check-ins of a non-serious nature. 

Telemedicine doctors are also available to give mental health assessments and referrals for prescriptions or other specialized care.

Telehealth Services in New Mexico and California

Are you in need of pediatric care in New Mexico or California? Our board-certified team of pediatricians at TelePeds is available for your child’s urgent care needs. Therefore, we are available day and night for virtual visits to treat urgent care symptoms that often throw a wrench in daily routines.

Our team will care for your child as our own and desire to see them happy and healthy with the proper medical treatment. If your child needs urgent care, please call us at (888)-961-8885 to schedule an on-demand Pediatric Telemedicine visit today!

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